An executive jet is a tool that provides the means to transport you quickly and comfortably, wherever you need to go. Twin turbine engines and the ability to fly at night and in most weather conditions ensure the highest safety margins, whilst a spacious  luxurious cabin offers the opportunity to relax, entertain guests, catch up on paperwork or conduct a business meeting as you travel.

PremiAir has been operating in the executive aviation industry for over 30 years. Safety, discretion and quality of service are of paramount importance to us, through every aspect of our business.

PremiAir has extensive resources, but it is the quality of our people that enables us to deliver on our promises. Our dedicated charter team is always on hand. Let us know how you like things to be done and we will make it happen consistently, every flight, every time. Safe, meticulous, accountable and utterly trustworthy, PremiAir delivers.

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