Whether you are acquiring or selling an aircraft, it is imperative that your decisions be based on technically and financially sound information. PremiAir has the extensive knowledge and in-depth experience required to guide you through this venture.

For sellers we adopt a highly strategic and focused approach to selling your aircraft. We identify a realistic position in the market for the aircraft and aim to deliver a fast sales process through our extensive network of prospective buyers and brokers. We ensure discretion as required and believe that an upfront, direct approach will always achieve optimum results for any aircraft in any market.

For buyers our ‘on the pulse’ attitude means that we have access to a wide range of off-market and on-market deals. We offer impartial advice on the best aircraft for your needs as well as negotiate the best deal on your behalf. We cover every aspect of the process from search and selection to inspection, delivery and management.

If you are considering buying, selling or trading an aircraft, please click here to contact us.